How The Failure Of My Client Portal Helped My Clients

When I started my solo family law practice, I designed a client portal called the Case Manager. It gave every client a unique login, an interactive calendar, online bill payments, the ability to download all documents in the case, an FAQ, and a glossary. I did plenty of research before…

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7 Tips On How To Parent A New Stepchild

It can be stressful determining how to discipline a new stepchild. However, finding the right balance in your relationship will help form a closer family dynamic. A blended family means more than just a new marriage, it requires the melding of two households, along with all the unique personalities and…

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Do Divorced Parents Have To Pay For Their Children’s Off-Campus Housing?

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) requires parents to contribute to their children’s college education expenses. We’ve gone over this in some length, but you can find a refresher here on how (and why) divorced parents have to pay for their children’s college. During the application process,…

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Who Gets Divorced?

Why write about divorce rates? Because, while divorce proceedings can be complicated and intricate, the process of dissolving a marriage is, at its core, a personal event. I’ve noticed that a sizable minority of my clients feel alone. They tell me that their parents stayed together, none of their friends…

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