Attorney-Assisted Mediation

Many issues need to be resolved before a divorce is finalized in Illinois. When a couple cannot reach an agreement amicably or through negotiation, but still wish to avoid the demands of litigation, a mediator can be brought in to help. Attorney-assisted mediation occurs when the couple’s divorce lawyers also join the mediation process.

Divorce mediation allows spouses to work with a trained, neutral mediator to resolve their differences and reach a final settlement on one or several issues in a divorce. In many instances, mediation is the most amicable and direct way to resolve a case—often permitting the parties to bypass litigation and save money on attorney-to-attorney negotiation.

Like other methods of resolving contested issues in a divorce, attorney-assisted mediation can help address:

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Our Role in Attorney-Assisted Mediation

The Law Offices of Joshua E. Stern regularly guides clients through the mediation process and participates in attorney-assisted mediation in Chicago, Evanston and the surrounding suburbs. In fact, we almost always encourage mediation to our clients as an effective and less-costly way to resolve difficult issues in a divorce.

We do not mediate cases ourselves, but rather work alongside many talented mediators. Depending on the process, we will either consult with you in between mediation sessions or attend the sessions along with you. Either way, our role is to support you and your best interests.

Mediators cannot give legal advice to the parties, which is why it’s usually a good idea to have a divorce attorney involved in mediation. There are many legal issues that may arise during a mediated case and require the input of a family lawyer. Most mediators also prefer that their clients are represented by counsel.

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For a divorce in Illinois, the Law Offices of Joshua E. Stern can help you decide if attorney-assisted mediation is the right course of action for your case. We are also happy to offer recommendations for mediators should your case require.

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