What Happens to My Real Estate If I Die Without a Will?

If you die owning real estate that is only in your name, it can cause many problems for your beneficiaries that can be avoided by proper planning. You can avoid these problems by contacting a wills and trusts attorney to help you plan for what you’d like to happen to…

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Why Business Owners Should Sign a Prenup Before Marrying

Property acquired before marriage is typically one party’s non-marital property. So, if someone starts a company before getting married, the business should be considered non-marital property. Simple. Right? Yes, in a textbook sense. In the real world, however, that is not always the case. Divorcing spouses may seek repayment for…

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My Spouse Is Unemployed. How Will This Affect My Divorce?

Monetary issues represent one of the principal reasons why couples divorce, especially when one spouse works and the other does not. Typically, stress builds over the course of months or years until finally the frustrated spouse reaches his or her breaking point and initiates divorce proceedings. At that time, the…

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