Do Divorced Parents Have To Pay For Their Children’s Off-Campus Housing?

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) requires parents to contribute to their children’s college education expenses. We’ve gone over this in some length, but you can find a refresher here on how (and why) divorced parents have to pay for their children’s college. During the application process,…

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Who Gets Divorced?

Why write about divorce rates? Because, while divorce proceedings can be complicated and intricate, the process of dissolving a marriage is, at its core, a personal event. I’ve noticed that a sizable minority of my clients feel alone. They tell me that their parents stayed together, none of their friends…

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How To Get A Divorce In Chicago Without A Lawyer

I had dinner with a friend not so long ago. The conversation eventually landed on her friend’s marital problems and how, despite their best efforts, the couple was headed for divorce. We talked about how difficult that emotional process is and if they’d be OK. They were young, in good…

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Can I Make My Parents Pay For My College?

The short answer is no. There are laws that require divorced parents to contribute to a child’s college tuition expenses, but that doesn’t mean that a child can sue his or her parents to pay. There are no laws that require married parents (those without a case in domestic relations…

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